Dene Yatié Elder Committee
Kátl'odehche First Nation Reserve

Kátl’odehche Dictionary Project
Brent Kaulback - Project Coordinator - SSDEC
Dorothy Buckley - Project Facilitator and Translator
Victor Monus - Linguist
Curtis Brown - Superintendent - SSDEC

The publisher gratefully acknowledges the contribution of the
following organizations and individuals:

Dehcho Divisional Board of Education for permission to model this publication after the South Slavey Topical Dictionary © 1993

Yamózha Kue Society for permission to use a source of illustrations created by Arthur Martel Jr., Robert Martel and Colinda Cardinal and our other illustrators Lenny Fabian and Emily Brown.

Kátl’odehche First Nation Reserve for permission to modify and use the maps included in this publication.

To the many individuals and sources that contributed photographs including MACA, Hub Publications and The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre.